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Five common problems of high-definition network cameras and corresponding solutions

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Surveillance equipment is now widely used, and there are surveillance cameras in roads, public squares and other places. With a wide range and quantity, there will naturally be more problems. Among them, high-definition cameras often suffer from uncertain drop-off problems, which brings a lot of trouble to users. The following is a detailed analysis of the five reasons for this problem and the corresponding solutions.

Reason 1: The centralized power supply method is adopted. The high-definition network camera has relatively higher requirements for the power adapter than the analog machine, and requires a more stable voltage and current. However, the centralized power supply will cause the voltage and current instability, which will cause some high-definition The network camera restarts or fails to start.

Solution: Change to a separate power supply mode and use a better power supply

Reason 2: The quality of the network cable is poor, and the high-definition video requires relatively high network transmission rate, so network packet loss will be very obvious, such as frequent disconnection, and severely no image at all.

Solution: Use national standard pure copper wire
Reason 3: The network cable distance between the HD network camera and the switch/or between the switch and the switch/or between the switch and the PC/NVR exceeds 100 meters.

Solution: You can add a switch with relay function in the middle of no more than 100 meters, or use optical fiber transmission.
Reason 4: There is a conflict between the IP address of the HD network camera and other network devices in the LAN.

Solution: Modify the IP address of the HD network camera or other network equipment to ensure that there is no conflict.
Reason 5: The bandwidth of the network switch is insufficient

Solution: If the number of high-definition network cameras is relatively large, it is recommended to use H3C's full Gigabit switch. Note: Not only the central switch uses Gigabit, that is, if the number of cameras involved in the front-end switch exceeds 7, Gigabit is also recommended of.

The above five situations are the reasons why high-definition network cameras are often disconnected. According to the actual situation, the corresponding solutions can solve the problem of camera disconnection.