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Four fog penetration technologies for fog penetration monitoring lenses

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The role of the fog-through camera in foggy weather is beyond doubt. The CM8236G fog-through lens of Kamorui Electronics has long been recognized by users. Today, the advent of the high-definition fog-through camera is largely due to the fog-through HD motorized lens. The fog penetration principle of the camera itself has also been greatly improved at the near end.

Fog penetration technology is mainly divided into four types

Optical fog
General visible light cannot penetrate clouds and smoke, but near-infrared rays can penetrate a certain concentration of haze and dust. Optical fog penetration uses the principle that near-infrared rays can diffract tiny particles to achieve accurate and rapid focusing. The key to the technology is mainly in the lens and filter. By physical means, the principle of optical imaging is used to improve the picture clarity. The disadvantage is that only black and white monitoring images can be obtained.

Algorithm through fog
Algorithmic fog penetration technology, also known as video image anti-reflection technology, generally refers to clearing a hazy image caused by fog, moisture, dust, etc., emphasizing some interesting features in the image, and suppressing uninteresting features. The image quality is improved and the amount of information is enhanced.

photoelectric fog through
The photoelectric fog transmission is a combination of the above two functions, through the integration of the movement through the embedded FPGA chip and ISP/DSP for arithmetic processing to achieve color image output. On the one hand, the fog penetration technology can distinguish factors such as distant scenes, near scenes, and fog density. Choosing the fog penetration level can achieve the best regional effect, which is different from the overall improvement of picture contrast in the past without delay. On the other hand, the high-speed operation of the chip will inevitably produce noise points, especially when the night light is insufficient, so the integrated movement generally needs to use a CCD sensor and a large aperture lens to achieve a good low-light effect. It is the technology with the best fog penetration effect on the market.

fake through fog

This is mainly through artificial adjustment of contrast, sharpness, saturation, brightness and other values, or some filter switching devices to make the image focus prominent, thereby improving the subjective visual effect. The disadvantage is that the scene cannot be refocused and it is difficult to satisfy the visual experience.

With the development of industry and its impact on the climate, haze has increasingly become a common weather phenomenon, which has a great impact on the picture quality of outdoor monitoring systems. The defogging technology can improve the quality of video surveillance from multiple angles, and can be used for fog penetration processing in various foggy weather conditions; it can significantly improve the contrast of the image, make the image transparent and clear; it can significantly enhance the details of the image Information, so that the original hidden image details can be fully displayed; it can enhance the saturation of the image, make the image colorful and lively, and the image after the fog processing maintains accurate tones and natural appearance, thus obtaining good image quality And visual perception.