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2023 Smart security, which can be expected in the future

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What is intelligent security? "Smart security" is to make full use of emerging technical means such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and so on, and is rooted in security work, to create a security prediction, early warning, prediction and guidance platform based on "one map" and "big data" for water and electricity, and security monitoring based on camera monitoring. In the aspect of security protection, the community self-management, intelligent supervision of security work and the joint participation of the owners are organically integrated. In terms of emergency disposal of potential safety hazards, the rational layout of personnel allocation and the connection of command levels have been realized, so as to improve the overall level of prevention and control of potential safety hazards.

With the accumulation of the Internet of Things technology, the development of cloud computing technology, Internet big data and artificial intelligence technology, and the concerted efforts of traditional home appliance manufacturers, communication manufacturers and their Internet companies, and intelligent hardware configuration manufacturers, China's smart home market has rapidly improved. In smart homes, the key to the application of intelligent security is reflected in the three levels of supervision, anti-theft and fire warning information:

1、 Home supervision: The common machine equipment is the intelligent monitoring camera, which is used to monitor the status of the home in real time. The user can query the changes in the home at any time according to the mobile phone. In addition to remote control query, the intelligent surveillance camera also has the functions of human movement detection alarm, two-way video voice, multi-user sharing, infrared night vision, ultra-clear lookback, etc.

2、 Fire warning information: This type of machinery and equipment is mainly used for fire prevention and explosion prevention in families. Common machinery and equipment include smoke sensing switch, gas leakage detector, intelligent power switch, etc. They will give an alarm when the smoke or combustible gas reaches a certain concentration value, or automatically disconnect the switch power supply to prevent fire accidents, rather than let users know after the incident.

3、 Family anti-theft: anti-theft machine equipment includes human activities and magnetic induction machine equipment of window and door power switch, such as infrared intrusion detector, window and door magnetic, intelligent anti-theft lock, etc. This kind of machine equipment can detect someone entering and opening doors and windows to open the alarm when the system is deployed, and immediately transmit the sensed abnormal phenomenon to the user's mobile phone to achieve the purpose of maintaining relatives and property.