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The development direction of the video surveillance system platform

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  Video surveillance system is a system that attaches great importance to specific applications. The more services applied, the larger the space may be. This will require the video surveillance platform to provide greater business expansion flexibility. For example, video surveillance, video live broadcast, distance education, video conferencing, and other business forms may all be the business functions of the video surveillance platform in the future. In this case, the platform may no longer be a pure monitoring service platform, but a unified platform for multimedia services.

  Architecture separation: basic platform and value-added service feature development
  Security must support more and more business application features on the one hand, and provide greater capacity and more stable functions on the other. Stability and business complexity are sometimes contradictory. The solution is that the video surveillance platform technology will be divided into a basic platform for basic video services and a value-added feature platform for value-added service features. This combination is just like the basic services of operators and value-added services of ISP value-added service providers. A certain platform manufacturer’s equipment provides basic services, and then ISP partners in various industries develop industry value-added services on the basic platform. It is a very feasible model.

  Interface standardization: SIP signaling and media stream standardization
  The current video surveillance platform hardly has the concept of signaling. Signaling is a mature technology that guarantees interconnection in communication networks. In the future, video surveillance platforms will also absorb mature concepts in the communication field, such as 3G and other systems. SIP signaling gradually developed into the general signaling of the monitoring platform, gradually eradicating the stubborn disease that traditional monitoring cannot be interconnected. When the signaling is connected, in the video media stream, whether it is MPEG-4, H.264, or the domestic AVS-S standard, no matter which one becomes the mainstream, its prerequisite may be to remove the manufacturer’s The private part adopts standard and open video coding standards.

  With the development of intelligent technology, the intelligent technology of video will also be integrated into the architecture design of the platform and become a basic concept of the platform. For the expansion method of intelligent technology, general data exchange can be carried out in XML and other ways, and then the platform can organize multiple intelligent cameras for networked in-depth intelligent analysis. The future video surveillance system will help people remove a large amount of spam in terms of the effectiveness of video information, making it easier to use.

  From the early 1990s to today, the security industry has gone through more than 20 years in China. Among them, the development of security platform products and technologies has only been less than ten years. With the construction of safe cities in China and various national There are more and more project requirements for such large-scale surveillance network applications, and the application of large-scale surveillance platform software in the field of video surveillance is also increasing. Through the powerful management and compatibility capabilities of the platform embodied in various large and complex system projects, people have become more and more aware of professional platforms.

  The situation of focusing on hard and soft over soft in the security field has been greatly changed, and the important value of a professional platform for software technology products has been discovered and recognized by people.