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Security night vision monitoring technology battle: infrared thermal imaging PK low light

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Low-light night vision and thermal imaging technology are somewhat similar in practical applications. The cameras of these two technologies are mainly used at night and have certain requirements for the concealment of equipment in special surveillance places, such as military, criminal investigation, anti-drug and anti-smuggling, and security. Both of these devices are very suitable in this type of surveillance site.

low-light night vision camera is to enhance the electronic image generated by weak natural light to a video image that can be effectively monitored to monitor the scene. The thermal imaging technology uses the principle that objects above the temperature of zero degrees (-273°C) can radiate infrared rays. Due to the different intensity of infrared heat radiation of various objects, all objects in people, animals, and scenes can be It is clearly observed, and is not affected by obstacles such as smoke, fog and grass, and can work both day and night. The infrared cameras that are often said now are all active infrared, that is, they use infrared beams to fill light, and the target to be illuminated is not limited. It can also be used in complete darkness. The effect is good and the price is reasonable. However, the fill distance is limited and the concealment is not Strong, easy to be affected by weather and other factors, and the reflection effects of various targets on infrared light are quite different, which will affect the image quality.

At present, infrared thermal imaging technology is more widely used in security than low-light-level imaging technology. Industry stakeholders analyzed and summarized the specific applications of infrared thermal imaging as follows.

1. Target monitoring at night and under severe weather conditions
At night when you can’t see your fingers, the monitoring equipment based on visible light can no longer work properly. If artificial lighting is used, it is easy to expose the target. If low-light night vision equipment is used, it also works in the visible light band, and still needs weak light from the outside. The infrared thermal imager passively accepts the infrared heat radiation of the target itself, and can work normally during the day and night, and will not expose itself. Even under severe weather conditions such as rain and fog, because the visible light has a short wavelength and poor ability to overcome obstacles, the observation effect is poor, but infrared has a long wavelength, especially for thermal imaging cameras that work at 8 to 14um. The rain and fog have high ability, so the target can still be observed normally. Therefore, at night, especially in harsh weather conditions, infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can be used to monitor various targets, such as people and vehicles.

2, fire protection monitoring
Because the infrared thermal imager is a device that reflects the surface temperature of an object, it can be used as an effective fire detection device in addition to being used for on-site monitoring at night. The application of infrared thermal imaging camera can quickly and effectively find these hidden fires, and can accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, and find the fire point through the smoke, so as to know and prevent and extinguish early.

3. Recognition of camouflage and concealed targets
Ordinary camouflage is mainly to prevent visible light observation. The crimes committed by criminals are usually hidden in the grass and woods. Due to the harsh outdoor environment and human visual illusions, they are prone to misjudgment. The infrared thermal imaging device passively receives the thermal radiation of the target itself. The temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and the vehicle are generally much greater than the temperature and infrared radiation of the vegetation, so the target is not easy to camouflage, and it is not easy to be misjudged.

4. Application of infrared thermal imaging inspection and quarantine
In recent years, the aviation business of the airport has developed rapidly, with more than a thousand inbound and outbound passengers every day. There is a large flow of people entering and exiting airports and ports in various countries, busy and crowded, and the situation is complicated. The corresponding inspection and quarantine tasks for entry and exit personnel Very heavy. At the same time, in recent years, with the spread and raging of infectious diseases such as SARS and avian flu, traditional inspection and quarantine work is facing increasingly severe challenges. In order to ensure the safe and smooth customs clearance of inbound and outbound passengers under the new situation, innovative thinking and innovative methods are needed. The use of a more automated infrared body temperature monitoring system is a better technical choice.